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Video Games
Video games are where our business began. Below is a look at the main video games we use on our route today:

Golden Tee Live

Avid video golfers around the world compete against the course, with friends or head-to-head in a wide variety of skill contest formats. Play for fun, play for glory or play for big cash prizes! The Golden Tees offer clever and challenging 18-hole fantasy courses to choose from. Sleek and easy to use menus make choosing a game a snap. Gorgeous hi-def game graphics and visual effects, and the iconic trackball control, make Golden Tee a leader in coin-operated video games.
A CAP Amusement arcade game
Big Buck Hunters
There are several versions which in the end are all about a truly global hunting experience. Play Mechanix continues to take the top shooting series to new levels by adding more and varied games, new trophy animals, and hot new visuals. Big Buck games will blow away locations while attracting new players with competitive game play and non-stop action.
Racing Games
Kids love this super involved game of competing on the race track and having the experience of driving a lifelike sports car!
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