Do you have a location with kids in and out such as a restaurant or sports complex? CAP Amusement offers redemption games for customers to try and scoop up prizes to take home with them. There is a wide array of machines, as this is one of the most profitable pieces in the industry. With cell phones and at home video consoles, kids are looking for games that require physical movement or physical prizes, something they can’t do from their mobile devices. This is why redemption pieces are still popular among the youth (and even adults, you’ll see).

CAP Amusement purchases all necessary plush and prizes for the redemption machines. At each collection, the staff replenishes the merchandise for you.

Claw machines that pick up all different stuffed animals and knobby balls. CAP Amusement purchases quality generic and licensed goods. The staff is eager to order the trendiest items in the market, for example, new movie or TV characters and NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL logo bears. These cranes can also be filled with inflated knobby balls to mix things up.

These flashy machines are filled with brand name electronics and gift cards. There are three levels ranging from $10 to $200 prizes. Players are able to try for their favorite item. Adults love these games as much as children! Examples of prizes:
  • NFL winter hats
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • ToysRus Gift Cards
  • Forever21 Gift Cards
  • XBOX and Playstation video games
  • iHomes
  • Kate Spade Earbuds
Simple as that, try and scoop up as much candy as possible (sorry moms and dads)!

Cranes that allow children to play until they win, leaving no one dissatisfied. The prize is generally a bouncy ball or collectible rubber animal such as ducks and frogs.


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