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It’s where you meet new people!
It’s where you get out once a week with your old high school buddies. It’s where you enjoy some true dart competition. It’s where you break your own personal record. It’s where you drink a Bud Light to end a stressful workday. It’s a CAP dart league! Join a league today to start all of that plus earn CAP Count Up Reward Points and SO much more!
A CAP Amusement dart board Great League Benefits:
  • Discounted game rates
  • Prize money and raffles
  • T-Shirts (Long season)
  • Tournaments with added money
  • Banquet with free food and FREE BUD LIGHT beer!
  • Ability to meet new great people
  • Visit bars you may have never stepped foot in
Sounds amazing, right?! How does it work? Dart leagues are similar to other recreational sports like bowling or softball leagues but your home field IS the bar! This may be why soft-tip darting is one of the fastest growing recreational sports.
Put together your team.
We offer all different ability levels and configurations on different nights of the week. What to consider:
  • Week Day
    Find out what day of the week works best for your team. We offer leagues Sunday-Thursday.
  • Number of Players
    We offer 2 and 4 player teams.
  • Level of Ability
    We call these divisions. We offer a beginners level (B division), Intermediate level (B+ division) and an Advanced level (A division). For more social leagues where a mix of abilities can play together consider joining an Open or Handicapped league. Learn more about our divisions.
Teams can consist of all males, all females or a mix. Does not matter unless specified!

If you are unable to create your own team feel free to contact us. We always have single players looking for a team so we can help pair you up!
Choose a home bar.
You get to choose a location where your team would like to call home base. The location must be a CAP dart location.
Get all of this together by the registration deadline and submit our online registration form or call in the info.
We Have 3 Seasons Throughout The Year:
Fall/Winter (Our largest season!)

Registration Period: Usually August- September.
Matches Begin: First or second week in October
Matches End: April
Average # of Matches: 21

Registration Period: Usually November-January
Matches Begin: First or second week in January
Matches End: April
Average # of Matches: 10

Registration Period: Usually March-April
Matches Begin: First or second week in May
Matches End: August
Average # of Matches: 15
Check out the schedule.
Once in a league, we will create the schedule and post it under Leagues.You play once a week on the night of your choosing. So if you signed up for Wednesdays, you would play every Wednesday at 7:00pm either at your home bar or at a visiting bar. In total, it’s half and half. You will roughly play each team in your league twice or three times.
Play some darts!
Teams gather at the location for that week to play their scheduled match on the CAP dart board. What to expect at a match:
  • Game time is at 7:00pm
  • Depending on your format, the team will play roughly 13-15 games.
  • The price is also dependent on the format but roughly each player is looking at about $8-10 a week. This includes both the cost of the games AND dues money. The dues money is what we hold onto until the end of the season and it 100% gets paid back out to the teams in the form of prize money, a large banquet with free food and beer, raffle prizes, plaques for the top teams, t-shirts, etc!
Check out your stats online.
After every match our website will reflect the latest player standings as well as team standings.

Grab your family, friends, or co-workers, put together a team, and join the dart phenomena in Rochester! We began running leagues in 2005 and now have a following of over 850 players in our largest season. We hope to see your sign-up!
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