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Dart League Benefits
Dart Leagues BENEFIT your bar tremendously!
  • With each team sign-up you will have more business in games, food and drinks.
  • According to the National Dart Association, leagues increase the dart machine profits 30% on average.
  • Every $1 in our game generates on average $5 in food and beverage.
  • Teams enjoy practice time outside of league. They will spend more time playing at the bar on their off nights and especially before and after league play.
  • Leagues are offered on typically slower nights of the week to help pick up business. We offer leagues Sunday-Thursday.
  • Visiting teams will certainly increase new traffic and exposure. You are now hosting potential new regulars!
  • Leagues create a busier atmosphere which other customers enjoy.
What is involved on your end? Not a whole lot!
You are busy doing what you do best; let us take the front seat on this one.
  • On nights of league matches you must be open by 6:30pm. Matches start at 7 so teams may meet a little earlier to grab a drink, some food and practice a bit.
  • Let us know when you are unable to host darts. For example, if on Thursdays you have bands performing then just let us know and we will not allow teams to sign up to play out of your location on Thursdays. Another example is if you are hosting a holiday party on January 10th and cannot host darts we will simply rearrange the schedule. As soon as you are aware of the issue let us know and we will be able to better accommodate your team.
  • For each team we collect a sponsor fee from your end of the collection. This is a ONE time fee per team, per season between $25 and $50. You normally recoup this fee during one match!
  • Food and/or drink specials are totally optional. You do not have to offer anything special to the players. A lot of our dart locations do choose to offer specials however in order to retain teams. Some specials we have heard about are half off pitchers, free half time shots or a free pizza for the teams.
Looking to become our next dart league location
so that teams can sign up to play out of your establishment as their home bar?
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