We provide full support service for all of our equipment. Reporting a problem machine is as easy as calling 585.473.1213.

Simply explain the problem to the person who answers the phone, or leave a message. The more information you can give us about the problem, the faster we can correct it. Please tell us which machine, the location, and a brief description of the problem. It helps us to know if you used coins or a dollar bill, if the machine gave you back change but did not vend, if the machine gave you any type of message on the display screen, or what you specifically were trying to select.

A CAP service technician will contact the appropriate party as soon as the problem is reported. CAP Amusement makes every effort to correct all problems as quickly as possible. This includes weekend and night service with our on-call staff. Our service techs take great pride in making sure your equipment is operating efficiently. 

If your request or problem is not critical, you may also send an email to us at Info@CapAmusement.com.
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