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Additional Services
We are here to help promote our games and devices. Since our machines are in your establishment it in turn promotes your location.

Here is a look at some CAP run promotions:
  • CAP Count Up
  • #CAPSelfie
Here is a look at some promotions set up by our gaming manufacturers:
  • Stern Pinball
  • Bar Rewards
  • Breakout Band
As a business owner you may have been approached by BMI or ASCAP concerning music licensing. You can’t play music publicly without a license, however if all music is played through our jukebox, the music licensing is taken care of for you!

Think again about using your iPod for background music because you will be held responsible for providing licensing for that particular music source. We now offer a backgoround music service through TouchTunes to avoid that licensing debacle all together. Now you can be BMI and ASCAP free when it comes to music.

It’s called CMP, Custom Music Programming.

Education for Staff
Ask our service techs to help you create a log in for your TouchTunes jukebox. You will be able to create your own playlists, etc.
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