2019 Summer Champs


S2BP Straight 2 The Point My Apartment
S2H1 Whats The Point Hooligans Eastside Grill
S2H2 Whiskey Business Bradfords
M2H1 Cocaine Cowboys Distillery Greece
M2H2 Black Out My Apartment
M4H Free Darts Bathtub Billys
T2H Here For Beer My Apartment
T4H Old Guy And His Boys Drs Inn
T4O Whiskey Tips Drs Inn
W2H Raiders My Apartment
W4BP My Apartment My Apartment
W4H1 Frozen Stiff T-Foots
W4H2 Bulls On Parade Flour City Station
R2H Plotys Plotys Hometown Tavern

Congratulations to CAP's Summer 2019 1st Place League Winners!

A big thank you to all of our teams this year.
We hope you all had a great season!

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