2018-2019 Banquet

 Sunday April 7, 2019

Where: Main Street Armory (900 E Main St.  Rochester, NY 14605). Parking is available on the sides and rear of the building. Parking is EXTREMELY LIMITED so carpool if possible.

Order of Events:
  • 1:00pm- Doors open. Captains can begin to check in and pick up t-shirts, envelopes, raffle tickets, wristbands, etc. Players can sign up for the blind draw if they wish.
  • 1:30pm- A Division championship match showcase! Come watch the finals match as they battle to win a trip to the Chicago Bullshooter Tournament.
  • 2:30pm- Food is served.  
  • 3:00pm- Blind draw sign-ups CLOSE.
  • 3:30pm- Announcements and awards.
  • 4:30pm- Blind draw begins (optional tournament)

Don’t know what a blind draw is? Check out this article. We will be using the CompuSport software to run the blind draw! Download the app today!

RSVP: Captains must follow the link sent to their email to RSVP by March 1st. If you are the captain for more than one team you must RSVP for each team separately.

Guests: Your team is allowed 2/4 attendees depending on if you are a 2 or 4 player team. If you bring any additional subs/guests we will deduct $20 from your payout envelope. If guests show up the day of the event you will be charged $25 in order to cover food on late notice. Guests/subs do not get raffle tickets or t-shirts. If you indicate you are bringing a guest and they no longer can attend you will not be reimbursed their fee. All guests must be 21 years or older. 

FYI: The banquet is paid for out of your dues money and includes free food, beer, pop and prizes. Short season teams do not get t-shirts since there is not enough dues money. There are plenty of dart boards available and a large blind draw! It’s a ton of fun!!!

Can't make the banquet?: You will be able to pick up your items (t-shirts, payout envelopes and any trophies) from our office AFTER April 7th! You will simply have to schedule a time to pick them up. 

Hope you’ve had a great season with us! Please feel free to send comments to capdarts@gmail.com.


144 Players @ $5 entry fee= $720
Dues money= $1170

CJ's donation= $110

Rounding us off to a $2000 payout!

1st ($1,000) Dan Mousseau & Jeff Childs
2nd ($500) Joe Kinney III & Jon Yanicky
3rd ($240) Marion Herman & Tom Williamson
4th ($100) Joe Decker & Reggie Rollo
5th/6th ($50) Joe Freese & Josh Hillyard
5th/6th ($50) Jimmy Raymonda & Raul Quevedo
7th/8th ($30) Chris Maloney & Fred James
7th/8th ($30) Jason Giali & Justin Southwick
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