Key Points Fall/Winter 2018-19
FALL/WINTER 2018-2019

Captain’s Responsibilities

  • Must check their emails and phones regularly. If we cannot get a hold of you, we assume captains cannot get a hold of you. Therefore this will play a part in our decision making when matches are not played.
  • Must know complete rules.
  • Match time is at 7:00pm
  • There are weeks off in your schedule that you can use for make-up matches. These must be left available. 
  • If a team cannot make a match they must contact the opposing team captain and CAP to notify them. 
  • Each team is only allowed 3 forfeits for the entire season so keep that in mind.
  • There is a no show fee of $50. 

  • Understand your division’s format. They are listed online.
  • The freeze rule applies in X01 games with 4 scores.  A player may go out and win only if their partner’s score is equal to or less than the combined score of the opposing team. The board will not prompt you of this scenario so it is your responsibility to spot it. Call us with any questions.
  • Each format has different specifications when a player can bull in or out. Again, it is your responsibility to know what you can and cannot do.
  • In order to back out a dart, you can select the up arrow and the board will ask if you would like to back out the last dart. 

Dropping Out

When a team drops out it severely impacts the entire league. If a team drops out or is removed from the league, they forfeit all money.

It is highly likely that your schedule will change throughout the season. For this reason it is imperative captains check the online schedule regularly. Our website will always have the most up-to-date schedule.

Sub Rules
Only B leagues that are not handicapped have a sub rule.

How do I know if my sub is eligible for B division?

  1. Does the sub’s name appear on the “B Sub Eligibility List” on ? This list is generated approximately every two weeks so it is the captain’s responsibility to check this list the day of the match.
  2. Yes= Eligible. No matter what they shoot during the match they will not be penalized.
  3. No= Even though the sub is not on the sub eligibility list they can still sub BUT if their average stats from that league (ex. M4BI) exceed 2.2 MPR and/or 22.00 PPD the team will be penalized. We will take games away from the team using a predetermined scale.
Important B Sub Info (Commonly Questioned)

  1. If a sub has been added to your team roster by CAP or yourself it does NOT mean they are automatically eligible.
  2. If a sub is eligible one week it does NOT mean they are eligible for the entire season. Captains must continually check the eligibility list to make sure subs are eligible because stats do change throughout the season.
  3. If a player currently plays in a B league, it does not mean they are automatically eligible to sub for another B team. 
  4. If a B division sub shoots over a 2.2 MPR and/or 22.00 PPD in a single game or match it does not mean they are ineligible because it is based on an average. 
  5. The opposing team is not allowed to approve a sub player.
CAP Dart Players Facebook Group

We've created a Facebook group named CAP Dart Players. This is a great way to keep up with what is going on in the CAP dart community and be able to connect with one another. We are hoping this is a helpful tool when trying to find a substitue for dart matches or interested players to complete your teams for leagues and tournaments.

Handicapped Leagues

CAP Darts uses Spot Marks/Spot Points for handicapping. It’s an awesome way to even out the playing field! The board does all of the calculations for you. NEW this year for X01 games it will be REVERSED HANDICAP. This means the weakest player will always start at the normal X01 score. The rest of the players could have anywhere from the maximum starting score to equal with the weakest player. Multiple players on the same number will be averaged together to determine the Team PPD. The dartboard will then determine who deserves the additional points. 

The First Week

The first week we use historical averages to generate players’ handicaps. If we do not have historical stats for you, you will not be given a handicap. Come the second week of league, the software switches from historical stats to current stats. Therefore your handicaps for the rest of the season will only be comprised of your stats from this particular league. If you play another night during the season your stats will not be calculated into this league’s handicap.
If the substitute has historical stats, it will use those for their first time playing. Then if they sub again, the system will  use their current stats from that particular league. 

If this is the substitute player's first time playing for CAP, they will start equal to the highest player in the game. This is only for the first match. Then, if the player subs again in the league they will have developed stats in the particular league so the system uses their current average.

Keep in mind, in order for a substitute player to have a possible handicap, they need to be added to your roster at least one day prior to the match by notifying CAP Amusement.


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