2018 Short Season Details
Short season 2018 we are offering:
  • Sunday: 2 Player Handicap
  • Monday: 2 Player Handicap
  • Tuesday: 2 Player Handicap
  • Wednesday: 4 Player Handicap
  • Thursday: 2 Player Handicap
Handicap Leagues
General Info:
  • Range of abilities. Anyone from beginners to pros can play in handicapped leagues. 
  • Great for friends with all different abilities to be able to play together but still looking for a way to even out the playing field. 
  • No sub rule. Anyone can sub for anyone. The first time a substitute player plays though they will start equal to the highest player in the game. This is only for the first match. Then, once they develop stats in that particular league the system uses their average. 
  • We use the Spot Points/Marks handicapping system for our handicapped leagues. FYI: This system does not take darts out of your hand. You can always shoot all three darts. 

    Spot Marks:
    • Spot Marks is used only with Cricket style games.
    • It uses average Marks Per Round (MPR) of each player in the game. Multiple players on the same number will be averaged together to determine the "Team" MPR.
    • The dartboard will then determine who "deserves" the extra marks and will place them accordingly. 
    • The dartboard will award starting marks, based on a players MPR. The best player will not get any starting marks, but the rest of the players could have anywhere from one starting mark to 13 starting marks. 

    Spot Points:
    • Spot Points is used with X01 games.
    • Spot Points is a percentage based handicap method using a player’s Points Per Dart (PPD). Using this method, each player is compared to the highest PPD in the game to determine their starting score.

2 Player Teams: $10.25 per player each week. 
4 Player Teams: $7.63 per player each week. 

Important Dates:
December 27- Registration deadline/Team Changes
January 7- Matches begin 

REGISTER ONLINE or call us! (585) 442-2277
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